Give CPR to the Heart of Your Home’s Electricity

Give CPR to the Heart of Your Home’s Electricity

Call for electrical panel installations, replacements and upgrades in Spokane, WA

Your electrical panel, also known as a breaker box, is home to your circuit breakers. These breakers distribute power coming from the street to the different parts of your residence. This all-important power distribution source will properly regulate electricity to protect your home when an electrical short or overcurrent occurs. If you’re dealing with electrical problems, you need to call Epic Electrical Enterprise, LLC to find out if there’s an issue with your electrical panel.

We service electrical panels and circuit breakers in Spokane. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure your home is receiving electricity in a proper manner. Protect your home by calling Epic Electrical Enterprise today.

Don’t work on your electrical panel yourself

Whether you own an older home or a newer home with brand-new circuits, you should refer to an electrician for assistance. Epic Electrical Enterprise can:

  • Install more circuits and circuit breakers inside your panel
  • Remove a circuit breaker or replace a faulty breaker
  • Install a new electrical panel for your new home
  • Replace or upgrade your electrical panel

Don’t risk a DIY solution when you can easily call an electrician for assistance. For electrical panel upgrades, replacements or installations in Spokane, contact Epic Electrical Enterprise right now.