Make Sure Your Outlets and Switches Are Up to Code

Make Sure Your Outlets and Switches Are Up to Code

Outlet and switch repair, replacement and installation in Spokane, WA

You rely on your outlets and switches every day – whether you’re turning on a light in the morning or plugging in a blender to make an afternoon smoothie. Keep your outlets and switches functional with Epic Electrical Enterprise, LLC. We repair, install and replace outlets and switches in Spokane Valley, WA. We’ll ensure your outlets and switches are up to code for you and your family to use. Call our electricians today at 509-368-9334 for service.

When should you call an electrician for service?

If your outlets and switches are damaged, old or simply not working, you should call an electrician as soon as possible. A DIY solution is too risky, especially if you have no prior experience with electrical components. Call Epic Electrical Enterprise as soon as possible if:

  • You experience an electrical shock when plugging in.
  • Your switches and outlets aren’t working.
  • You smell something bad from your outlet.

You can also call us if you can’t insert a plug fully into a socket, or if you want to install a new outlet or switch in another part of your home. We offer trusted solutions to a variety of electrical issues. Call Epic Electrical Enterprise right now to schedule your outlet and switch service in Spokane, WA.