Don’t Keep Your Home’s Safety on a Wire

Don’t Keep Your Home’s Safety on a Wire

Call for home electrical wiring and rewiring in Spokane, WA

Your electrical wiring keeps your home operational. If you have any doubts about the quality of your home’s wiring, you need to call a trained technician for assistance. Epic Electrical Enterprise, LLC offers complete home wiring and rewiring services in Spokane Valley, Washington. We have years of experience with home wiring, and we’re able to easily identify dangerous issues with old and damaged setups. Whether you need our team to replace faulty wiring or completely rewire your home, you can rely on us for the job.

When should you call an electrician for wiring service?

Wiring and rewiring projects are not do-it-yourself projects. You need to call a qualified electrician if:

  • Your lights flicker when you run too many appliances.
  • Your circuit breakers are “tripping” or shutting off frequently.
  • Your home is over 30 years old.

Don’t lose your home to an electrical fire. Over 45,000 residential fires occurred between 2010 and 2014, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Call Epic Electrical Enterprise as soon as possible for a closer look at your home’s wiring.